Strategic Priorities

Long Term Focus Areas1

  1. Act as a leader in the development and implementation of policy issues in the Midcontinent ISO (MISO) region to protect the public interest and ensure costs to customers are reasonable.
  2. Support member engagement in MISO-related issues through education, collaboration, and communication.
  3. Preserve retail jurisdictional construct from attempts to alter the appropriate balance of local, regional, and federal authority.

2018 Focus Areas

Cost Allocation

  1. Provide continuing input on revisions to Market Efficiency Project and Multi Value Project allocation methodologies and have an active role in tariff language development. Strawman proposal from MISO will be released in January with related filings planned for Q3 2018.
  2. Utilize tools available to OMS, such as alternative cost allocation filings and requests for additional modeling, as needed to ensure appropriate allocation methodologies are adopted.

Resource Adequacy

  1. Follow and provide input on development of matters related to reliability and resilience attributes, including those resulting from the Grid Reliability and Resilience Pricing Notice of Proposed Rulemaking.
  2. Ensure new resources are able to interconnect in a timely manner.
  3. Pursue improvements where possible to the OMS-MISO survey to increase usefulness and maintain footprint visibility of resource adequacy.
  4. Evaluate the need for education and stakeholder discussions on forecasting in light of expected changes to the generation mix and customer needs in the future.
  5. Follow and provide input on development of Resource Availability and Need (RAN) proposal.

Transmission Planning

  1. Monitor study development for renewable energy/wind integration and grid flexibility to ensure that any resulting projects are beneficial and do not result in unnecessary costs to ratepayers.
  2. Promote continued consideration of non-transmission alternatives to address local and regional needs.
  3. Ensure the transmission planning process allows for consideration of all potential solutions to identified issues.


  1. Continue to educate OMS members on DER related topics.
  2. Conduct review of distributed energy resource studies MISO has conducted in the past.
  3. Complete background information and data collection process to lead initiation of MISO stakeholder process on DER before the end of 2018.
  4. Establish a framework for appropriate information exchange between MISO and LSEs in order to reliably manage interface between distribution and transmission systems given potential for increasing levels of distributed resources (i.e., DR, EE, and DG).

Approved by the OMS Board December 14, 2017

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