Governance & Budget

Review and provide input on MISO and OMS budget, policy,
and strategy matters 

Topics Include:
• OMS policies and by-laws
• MISO stakeholder process
• OMS decisional process
• MISO strategic plan/budgets
• MISO membership expansion
• MISO Finance Subcommittee

Venkata Bujimalla (Iowa Utilties Board)
Sam Mabry (Mississippi Public Service Commission)

Markets & Tariffs

Regional markets for energy, balancing services, capacity, and any auctions
or other method to acquire rights on the transmission system. 

Topics Include:
• Energy and ancillary services markets (Day Ahead, Real Time)
• FTR, ARR and transmission rights auctions and issues
• Market design evaluation and improvements
• Independent Market Monitor (IMM) activities and mitigation issues
• Electric/natural gas coordination
• MISO Market Sub Committee

Angie Butcher (Michigan PSC)
Hwikwon Ham (Minnesota PUC)
Walt Cecil (Missouri PSC)


Ensuring sufficient generation sources (energy and capacity) are
available to meet demand.

Topics Include:
• Resource AdequacyAnnual resource planning (Module E)
    • RA survey
    • RA forum
• Resources Business Practices Manual (BPM) and resource
  qualification and verification
• Planning reserve margins and loss of load expectations (LOLE)
• Resources Adequacy Sub-Committee (RASC)
• Generator interconnection

Bonnie Janssen (Michigan PSC)
Andrew Kell (Wisconsin PSC)
Werner Roth (PUC of Texas)


Provisions between MISO and other RTOs and non-RTOs,
except transmission planning.

Topics Include:
• MISO/SPP Joint Operating Agreement
• Joint stakeholder meetings
• MISO/PJM Joint Operating Agreement
• Joint and Common Market (JCM)
• Market to Market
• Non-RTO seams issues
• MISO Seams Working Group

Adam McKinnie (Missouri PSC)
Erik Hanser (Michigan PSC)

Transmission Cost Allocation

Regional and interregional cost allocation issues.

Topics Include: 
• Regional cost allocation
• Interregional cost allocation
• MISO Regional Expansion Criteria and Benefits Work Group (RECB)

David Carr (Mississippi Public Service Commission)
Randel Pilo (PSC of Wisconsin)

Transmission Planning

Regional and interregional transmission planning activities.

Topics Include:
• Order 1000 planning issues
• MISO Expansion Transmission Planning (MTEP) and futures development
• Interregional Transmission Planning
• Targeted Transmission Studies such as EPA Modeling
• MISO Planning Advisory Committee (PAC)

Dave Johnston (Indiana URC)
Don Neumeyer (PSC of Wisconsin)