2004 FERC Filings

Docket Subject Date Filed
RM04-12 Comments of OMS regarding Financial Reporting & Cost Accouting 11/15/2014
Comments of OMS on Compliance Filing regarding MISO Transmission & Energy Markets Tariff 10/26/2004
ER04-375-007 Stakeholder Process Reply Brief of OMS 10/18/2004
ER04-691 Rehearing Petition regarding MISO Transmission & Energy Market Tariff 9/3/2004
ER04-961 Comments of OMS on Reactive Power 7/29/2004
ER04-961 Reactive Power Intervention/Extension 7/9/2004
Comments of OMS regarding Grandfathered Agreements 6/25/2004
ER04-691 Intervention & Comments of OMS on MISO Transmission & Energy Market Tariffs 5/7/2004
EL02-111-004 OMS Motion for Intervention Out-Of-Time regarding Long-Term Regional Transmission Rate Development 4/12/2004
ER04-458 Intervention and Request for Extension of Time by OMS regarding MISO Generation Interconnection Filing in Compliance with Order 2003 2/4/2004
ER04-375 Notice of Intervention of OMS regarding MISO/PJM Joint Operating Agreement 1/20/2004