2006 FERC Filings

Docket Subject Date Filed
ER06-18-004 OMS Comments on Regionally Beneficial Projects (RBPs) 12/21/2006
OMS-OPSI Comments on OATT Reform 8/14/2006
ER06-1112 OMS Comments and Notice of Intervention regarding MISO's Resource Adequacy Filing 7/14/2006
ER06-731 Request for Rehearing of FERC Order of May 9, 2006 regarding BCA Mitigation 6/8/2006
RM06-08 OMS Comments to FERC on Long-Term Transmission Rights Rulemaking 3/13/2006
RM06-4 OMS Comments to FERC on Transmission Incentive Pricing Rulemaking 1/11/2006