2012 FERC Filings

Docket Subject Date Filed
ER13-187 OMS Comment & Notice of Intervention regarding MISO Order 1000 Compliance Filing 12/10/2012
AD12-16 OMS Comment on MISO-PJM Seam-Capacity Deliverability 8/17/2012
AD12-12 OMS Comment on Gas/Electric Coordination 8/17/2012
EL12-35-000 OMS Reply Brief on FERC Investigation of MISO Formula Rates 7/12/2012
EL12-35-000 OMS Brief on FERC Investigation of MISO Formula Rates 6/21/2012
RM10-23-001 OMS Request for Clarification or Rehearing on FERC Order 1000-A 6/15/2012
ER12-1593 OMS Comment and Notice of Intervention regarding Duke-ATC Midwest Rate Incentives Filing 5/11/2012
AD12-12 OMS Comments to FERC regarding Gas/Electric Market Coordination 3/30/2012
ER12-688 OMS Intervention and Comment on Parallel Settlements regarding MISO ELMP Proposal 1/13/2012
OMS Request for Clarification regarding MISO's Compliance Filings on Demand Response Compensation 1/12/2012