2007 FERC Filings

Docket Document Type Subject Date Filed
ER07-1372-000 &
Comments Post Technical Conference ASM Market Power 12/19/2007
ER04-691-089 Protest RSG Protest 12/5/2007
EL07-101-000 Comments & Notice of Intervention AEP Transmission Rate Complaint 10/16/2007
ER07-1372-000 &
Comments & Notice of Intervention Ancillary Services Markets (ASM)  10/15/2007
ER07-1233-000 &
ER07-1261-000 &
ER05-6-100 et al &
EL04-135-103 &
EL02-111-120 et al &
EL03-212-116 et al &
Notice of Intervention & Comments 
(7 documents)
Continued License Plates Rates for Post-Transition Transmission Pricing 9/17/2007
RM07-19-000 &
Comments ANOPR on Wholesale Competition in RTO Markets  9/14/2007
ER07-1182 Comments Extension of Broad Constrained Area (BCA) Mitigation Measures  8/10/2007
ER07-550-000 &
Request for Clarification Ancillary Services Markets (ASM)  8/10/2007
AD07-8-000 Comments of Designated State Commissions Review of Market Monitoring Policies 4/19/2007
ER07-478 Reply to Answer  Long-Term Transmission Rights  4/16/2007
AD07-8 Comments Review of Market Monitoring Policies 4/11/2007
ER07-550 Comments & Notice of Intervention Ancillary Services Market (ASM) 3/30/2007
ER07-478 Comments Long-Term Transmission Rights  3/22/2007
ER07-529 Motion for Intevention & Comments Compliance Filing on MISO Market Monitoring  3/13/2007