2009 FERC Filings

Docket Document Type Subject Date Filed
AD09-8 Comments Regional Planning (Order 890) 11/23/2009
ER09-1049-002 Comments Aggregation of Retail Customers 11/5/2009
ER09-1589 Comments First Energy move to PJM 9/25/2009
ER09-1589 Notice of Intervention & Motion for Extension of Time First Energy move to PJM 9/10/2009
ER09-1431 Comments & Notice of Intervention Network Upgrades Cost Allocation  8/13/2009
ER09-1435 Comments MISO's Schedule 34 on NERC Penalty Costs 7/31/2009
ER09-1049 Comments Order 719 Market Monitoring Issues 5/26/2009
ER04-691 et al Comments & Motion to Accept Comment out-of-time RSG Complaints 3/2/2009
AD09-4-000 Memo & Motions for Market Subcommittee Integrating Renewables into the Grid 2/24/2009