2014 FERC Filings

Docket Document Type Subject  Date Filed
ER15-0358 Notice of Intervention & Protest RTO Adder 11/25/2014
EL14-21 & EL14-30
Answer to Motion Support of Expedited Consideration in MISO-SPP Flow Dispute  11/25/2014
EL13-75 Comments Beaver Channel Settlement 11/25/2014
EL14-12 Request for Rehearing Return on Equity 11/14/2014
ER14-2850 & 2851 Comments & Motion for Intervention Out-Of-Time WAPA Basin Integration 11/4/2014
ER11-4081 Answer to Motion Resource Adequacy Requirement 9/9/2014
ER14-2445 Notice of Intervention & Comments SRPBC Hurdle Rate 8/5/2014
ER14-1736 Answer on Clarification Request Cost Recovery of SPP Charges 7/31/2014
ER14-1970 Out-of-Time Motion to Intervene & Comments Prohibited Investments 6/11/2014
ER13-2379-003 Comments Rate Protocols 6/11/2014
ER14-1713ER14-1174EL11-34EL14-21 & EL14-30 Support of Stay & Rehearing MISO-SPP Flow Dispute 5/16/2014
ER13-2379 Request for Rehearing Formula Rate Protocols 4/18/2014
EL14-12 Comments Rate of Return on Equity 1/6/2014