2016 FERC Filings

Docket Document Type Subject Date Filed
ER17-284 Notice of Intervention & Comments Competitive Retail Solution Comments 12/14/2016
ER17-305 Doc-Less Out-of-Time Motion to Intervene ADIT Prorate 11/28/2016
ER17-156 Notice of Intervention & Comments Queue Reform 11/14/2016
EL17-8 Doc-Less Notice of Intervention IPL Battery Storage Complaint 11/3/2016
ER17-215 Doc-Less Notice of Intervention MISO TO ROE Order Compliance 11/3/2016
EL14-12 Request for Rehearing Transmission Owner ROE 10/28/2016
AD16-18 Post Technical Conference Comments Competitive Transmission 10/3/2016
EL16-108 Doc-Less Notice of Intervention Tilton Energy Pseudo-tie Congestion 9/26/2016
EL16-112 Doc-Less Notice to Intervene PRA North-South Transfer Limit 9/22/2016
ER16-197 Doc-Less Out-of-Time Motion to Intervene Tranmissiion Owner ADIT 9/2/2016
EL16-99 Doc-Less Notice of Intervention Refund Commitment of Non-Jurisdictional Tranmission Owners 8/11/2016
EL15-45 Brief on Exceptions ROE 8/9/2016
ER16-1969 Comments  Compliance with NIPSCO Complaint 7/18/2016
EL13-88 Request for Clarification NIPSCO Complaint 5/23/2016
EL14-12-002 Request for Expedited Consideration Transmission Owner ROE 5/6/2016
EL15-45 Reply Brief ROE 4/18/2016
RM16-5 Comments Energy Market Offer Caps 4/4/2016
EL15-45 Reply Brief Joint Complaintant's Initial Brief regarding ROE 3/24/2016
EL14-12-002 Comments Transmission Owner ROE 3/7/2016
EL15-45 Pre-Hearing Brief ROE 2/12/2016
ER16-675 Amended Notice of Intervention & Initial Comments Generator Interconnection Process Changes 2/2/2016
EL14-12-002 Brief on Exceptions Transmission Owner ROE 1/21/2016