2018 FERC Filings

Docket Document Type Subject Date Filed
ER19-465 Doc-Less Intervention MISO Order 841 Compliance 12/14/18
Letter Board Letter to FERC Commissioners Request for Review of ROE Incentive Policy 12/19/18
EL11-66 Out-of Time Motion to Intervene New England ROE Briefing Order 11/06/2018
ER19-98 Doc-Less Intervention NOLA Cost Allocation Zone Request 10/29/2018
ER18-2363 Out-of-Time Motion to Intervene Locational Reforms 10/11/2018
ER18-2049 Doc-Less Intervention Generator Interconnection 8/6/2018
AD18-10 Post-Technical Conference Comments Distributed Energy Resource Technical Considerations 6/26/2018
RM18-9 Post-Technical Conference Comments  Distributed Energy Resource Aggregations in RTO Markets 6/26/2018
AD18-7 Motion for Leave to Respond & Response Grid Resilience in RTO's & ISO's 6/15/2018
ER18-1731 Doc-Less Intervention Transmission Owners Cost Recovery - Operating & Maintenance Expense 6/14/2018
ER18-1739 Doc-Less Intervention Transmission Owners Filing on ADIT 6/14/2018
EL18-145 Doc-Less Intervention Pseudo-tie to PJM 6/14/2018
RM18-9 & AD18-10 Joint Statement Distributed Energy Resources in RTO's 6/1/2018
EL18-138 Doc-Less Intervention ADIT Treatment 5/18/2018
EL18-140 Notice of Intervention & Comments ITC Independence Adder 5/10/2018
AD18-7 Comments Grid Resilience in RTO's & ISO's 5/9/2018
ER18-1173 Doc-less Intervention MISO Locational Resource Adequacy 4/13/2018
ER18-1159 Notice of Intervention & Comments Pioneer Transmission MVP Project request 4/12/2018
RM16-23 Amended Motion for Clarification Electric Storage Participation in Markets Operated by RTO and ISO 3/19/2018
ER18-462 Motion for Leave to Answer &  Answer IMM Protest 2/16/2018
ER18-783 Notice of Intervention & Comments Attachment O Updates for Tax Changes 2/15/2018
ER18-463 Motion for Leave to Answer & Answer Joint Answer to AXTI Answer 2/06/2018
ER18-462 Motion for Leave to Answer & Answer Module E-1 Resource Adequacy 1/29/2018
Letter Board Letter to FERC Commissioners Corporate Tax Reduction Impact on Transmission Costs 1/19/2018
ER18-462 Notice of Intervention & Comments Module E-1 Resource Adequacy 1/12/2018
ER18-463 Protest Ameren Services Request for Incentive ROE 1/05/2018