2022 FERC Filings

Docket Document Type Subject Date Filed
ER22-495-000  Notice of Intervention and Comments  Seasonal RA and Accreditation  1/7/2022 
ER22-995  Notice of Intervention Comments  LRTP Cost Allocation  3/7/2022 
AD22-5-000  Comments  Dynamic Line Ratings NOI  4/15/2022 
ER22-1535-000  Doc-less Intervention  Relative Queue Priority   4/15/2022 
ER22-1640  Notice of Intervention and Comments Comments on Order 2222 Compliance 6/15/2022 
RM21-17  Comments  Transmission Planning and Cost Allocation NOPR  8/17/2022 
EL22-83-000  Doc-less Intervention  Invenergy's Complaint re: Merchant Transmission in MTEP  8/25/2022 
AD22-13-000  Doc-less Intervention  Techincal Conference Request on HVDC Lines  8/25/2022 
EL22-78-000  Doc-less Intervention  Industrials' Complaint re: Competition and state ROFR  9/1/2022 
ER22-2891-000  Doc-less Intervention  Ramp and Short-Term Reserve Demand Curve Enhancements  10/10/2022 
RM22-14  Initial Comments  Improvements to Generator Interconnection Procedures NOPR  10/13/2022 
ER23-523-000  Notice of Intervention and Comments  Schedule 2 Tariff Revisions - Reactive Power  12/21/2022