Docket Document Type Subject Date Filed
EL24-61-000  Doc-less Intervention  Montana-Dakota Utilities Complaint re Charlie Creek-Watford City Flowgate  2/12/2024 
ER24-1055  Doc-less Intervention  MISO Generator Replacement Process Revisions  2/20/2024 
EL24-61/EL24-85  Comments  MISO’s and Montana-Dakota Utilities’ Complaints re Charlie-Creek Watford Flowgate  4/18/2024 
ER24-1638  Comments in Support  MISO Direct-Loss of Load Resource Accreditation Proposal  4/29/2024 
EL24-80  Doc-less Intervention  FERC Show-Cause Order: TO Unilateral Self-Funding of Network Upgrades  7/3/2024 
ER22-1640-003  Comments  MISO's Second Order 2222 Compliance  7/10/2024