2015 Staff Comments to MISO

Topic Work Group Date Sent
Locational and Seasonal Detailed Design Documents Feedback Request OMS Resources WG 12/17/2015
SPP-MISO Coordinated System Plan Studey Stakeholder Feedback Request OMS Transmissio Planning WG 11/13/2015
Uninstructed Deviation Comments OMS Markets and Tariffs WG 10/15/2015
Cost Allocation Issues White Paper OMS Transmission Cost Allocation WG 10/14/2015
Locational and Seasonal Straw Proposals OMS Resources WG 9/17/2015
Reevaluation of Transmission Projects OMS Regional Planning WG 5/22/2015
Issues Statement on Facilitating Resource Adequacy in the MISO Region OMS Resources WG 3/20/2015
Comments to the IMM> OMS Staff 3/17/2015
Independent Load Forecast Workshop (Comments on MTEP16 Futures) OMS Regional Planning WG 2/11/2015