2016 Staff Comments to MISO

Topic Work Group Date Sent
Resources Adequacy Survey Process Improvements Resources 12/14/2016
Regional Tranmission Overlay Study Transmission Planning 11/22/2016
Regional Transmission Overlay Study Transmission Planning 9/9/2016
Transmission Planning Pre & Post Service Restrictions Governance & Budget 8/18/16
MTEP 17 Retirement Sensitivity Analysis Transmission Planning 8/3/2016
RECB Feedback Transmission Cost Allocation 7/21/2016
Competitive Retail Solution Resources 4/22/2016
MTEP '17 Futures Development Transmission Planning 3/15/2016
CRSTT Principles Resources 3/03/2016
Energy Storage Workshop presented at MSC on 1/5/2016 Demand Response and Technology 1/25/2016
2016 OMS-MISO Survey Feedback Resources 1/06/16