2017 Staff Comments to MISO

Topic Work Group                                                        Date Sent
BTMG and Transmission Service Charges Transmission Planning 12/19/2017
Proposed changes to the OMS-MISO Survey Resources 11/22/2017
Independent Load Forecast Transmission Planning 11/17/2017
Planned & Maintencance Outages on Peak Resources 10/24/2017
2018 Incentive Goals Governance and Budgets 10/10/2017
MTEP Futures and Sensitivties Tranmission Planning 9/06/2017
Planned Outages on Peak Resources 8/22/2017
MTEP Futures Weighting & Criteria Transmission Planning  7/14/2017
MTEP18 Futures Transmission Planning 5/3/2017
OMS-MISO Survey & Extended Unit Outage Proposal Resources 4/26/2017
OMS-MISO Survey Resources 2/22/2017
Regional Transmission Overlay Study Workshop Transmission Planning 2/14/2017
RASC Management Plan & Priorities Resources 1/25/2017