2020 Staff Comments to MISO

Topic Work Group Date Sent
OMS-MISO Survey Resources 12/18/2020
RAN Workshop Resources 12/11/2020
Out-Year CIL-CEL Study Scope Resources 12/11/2020
Line Ratings Markets and Tariffs 10/12/2020
Hybrid Resources Markets and Tariffs 10/1/2020
Value of Lost Load Markets and Tariffs 8/20/2020 & 9/30/2020
Reliability Requirements, LMR MCS Gap, Preliminary LOLE Study Results Resources 9/23/2020
RAN Workshop Feedback Resources 9/3/2020
RAN Reliability Criteria and LMR MCS Gap Resources 8/20/2020
IPWG: Reducing the GIP Timeline Transmission Planning 7/24/2020
MTEP Futures Resource Expansion and Siting Transmission Planning 7/24/2020
GIA Conditionality BPM Language Transmission Planning 7/15/2020
Coordinated Planning Process Transmission Planning  7/15/2020
RAN Reliability Requirements and Resource Accreditation Problem Statement Resources 6/24/2020
DER Modeling DER 6/8/2020
Emergency and Scarcity Pricing Reforms Markets and Tariffs 4/1/2020
LMR Accreditation Resources 3/18/2020
LMR Accreditation and LOLE Modeling Resources 2/19/2020
LMR Accreditation and LOLE Modeling Resources 1/22/2020