2023 Staff Comments to MISO

Topic Work Group                                                        Date Sent
Reliability-Based Demand Curve Design Elements  RWG  3/24/2023 
Reliability-Based Demand Curve Feedback RWG 6/9/2023
LRTP Tranche 2 Reliability Analysis Dispatch Scenarios TPWG 6/26/2023
DER Modeling and Data Exchange DER & TPWG 7/17/2023
Reliability-Based Demand Curve Proposal RWG 7/28/2023
Direct-Loss of Load Accreditation Proposal RWG 7/28/2023
Reliability-Based Demand Curve Opt-Out Adder RWG 8/18/2023
Interconnection Queue Reform Proposal TPWG 9/12/2023
Reliabilty-Based Demand Curve White Paper RWG 10/12/2023
LMR Accreditation RWG/DERWG 11/28/2023
JTIQ Cost Allocation Update SWG/TCAWG 12/6/2023
Regional Resource Assessment Feedback RWG 12/31/2023